A force for good for you

Travois has achieved Certified B Corporation®️ status from the nonprofit B Lab.

The nonprofit B Lab recently awarded us Certified B Corporation status. Just as we’ve always done, we will continue using business and investing as a “force for good!”

What this means

Think of it this way — it’s like LEED certification but not just for a building. It means an independent nonprofit has evaluated how we treat our stakeholders — clients, staff members, community and the environment — and says we’re leading the way!

It helps you identify companies with a mission. It helps investors place investments that align with their values.

These business practices helped our score:

How we ranked

We scored extremely high in the evaluation with an overall score of 134.7 points! (We landed above the median score for B Corp “Best for the World” ranking of 131 points.)

Travois has been a mission-driven business since our start in 1995. Earning B Corp status strengthens what we have practiced for nearly 25 years — we provide the tools and resources to help our clients create healthy, affordable and sustainable communities.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to be a force for good.

Learn more about B Corps in this video.