Andi Weber joins the development team!

Andi Weber has joined our affordable housing development team as a project coordinator! In her role, she will have to ability to work with tribal nations all across Indian Country to help bring beautiful, sustainable and culturally responsive housing to tribal people.

She will help educate tribal governments and administrators on what Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs) are, how the application process works and will help to secure investors for developments. Andi is an enrolled member of the Mohican Nation and is Menominee.

Read below for more about Andi!

1. What are some of your strengths?
My experience, a shared understanding, and my formal education will help me leverage communication between Travois and tribal nations to address housing needs successfully. Also, I would to think that just being a strong, resilient Indigenous woman and mother from the rez will help me to get the job done!

2. How will your past experiences help you serve Travois clients?
Before I started at Travois, I was working in a temporary position at Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) as a retention technician — staying true to my roots and passion by serving my peoples and helping to further higher education through advisement and mentoring through HINU’s mission.

Before that, I was an intern for the Sustainability Department of Douglas County, Kansas, where I was able to wear multiple hats. I gathered data about a jail expansion and at-risk stakeholders, researched policies and sustainable practices in resilient city planning and community health planning assessment and how to address and implement “equity.” I learned about STAR cities and helped forge relationships between the new sustainability director and Haskell Indian Nations University.

That internship pretty much embodies me as a person — I like to learn all I can and be ridiculously busy because that’s where I thrive.

3. What is your educational background?
I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Indigenous and American Indian studies with an emphasis in sovereignty. In May 2019, I will obtain a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kansas with an emphasis in city management.

4. What brought you to Travois?
A recruiter via LinkedIn initially (ha!), but after further investigation and speaking with my colleagues, their reputation, mission, values and work [is what brought me to Travois]. I’m looking forward to helping advance the organization as well as helping Indian Country.

5. Do you have any family details that you’d like to share?
I am an enrolled member of the Mohican Nation in Wisconsin (the reservation I grew up on), and I am Menominee. My tribal identity is very important to me and governs who I am as a person, my values and life path.

I have the sweetest 7-year-old son named Aaron, another baby boy due to arrive in a few short weeks (no name yet), and an amazing significant other, Keith. We live in Lawrence, KS, and love being busy, but are just as equally happy when lazing around on the couch watching the Green Bay Packers, NBA, HGTV and cooking shows! We try to travel to Idaho and Wisconsin as often as we can to visit family and our homelands. 😊

I come from a huge close-knit family. My great-grandparents had 10 children — which in short makes me close to my fourth and fifth cousins. Fun facts: I was great-granddaughter #87, my son Aaron was #228 and my second born will be #260!

Outside of work, cooking, being active, hanging out with friends, trying new foods, traveling and educational/artsy events is where you can find me and my family. I also volunteer as much as I can for education events at Haskell.

6. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Currently, I am most proud of being a first-generation college graduate. My path has taken me in many different, often difficult, directions, but it steered me to Haskell Indian Nations University (which my heart will forever be grateful for), the University of Kansas, and now Travois!

7. What inspires you?
My son has been my biggest inspiration since I was blessed to guide him into this world. He is the sweetest, kindest, happiest and most intelligent being I have ever met. I am so grateful he picked me to be his mother — I try my best each day to honor that role.

8. Who has the most influence in your life?
My late great-grandparents Arvid and Bernice Miller, my grandma Sheila, my mother, my sister Jayci, and especially my late grandpa Matt — they have all equally contributed to shaping me as a woman and getting me to where I am now.

Fill in the blank:

On weekends, you’ll find me: With my boys!

My favorite place I’ve traveled was: My rez — this is always my destination of choice.

The best gift I ever received was: My son(s) and beaded or quilled earrings (my addiction)!

My worst travel experience was: Last summer when we decided to drive from Fort Hall, Idaho, to the Mohican Nation in Wisconsin. I was in my first trimester (sickly), and we drove 26 hours straight! I did, however, successfully surprise my firstborn who had been away on his yearly summer vacation.

My favorite holiday is: Christmas. (I am not a Christian, so we celebrate the capitalistic Santa side of it.)

I’d love to meet: The late John Trudell or Barack Obama.

A perfect day for me is: Any day (especially during fall) on the Mohican Reservation surrounded by my family and good food!

My first car was a: Nissan Sentra (early 2000s model).

My best and worst habits are: Best, always there! Worst, my punctuality — I run on NDN time (LOL)!

If someone were to make a TV show about your life, who would play you: A movie star playing a 21st century Indigenous woman with a family sitcom focus. Basically filming my life (LOL)!