Four Travois team members promoted to leadership positions

Travois has promoted four team members to leadership positions. This step provides a path for company growth to support client needs now and in the future.

“Our dedicated team members have helped thousands of families move into new and rehabilitated housing and access new services in Native communities,” said Elizabeth Glynn, chief executive officer. “These changes ensure that we will continue to serve our clients and partners at the highest level possible.”

Ashley Bland has assumed the role of chief operating officer and manages Travois staff who work in the areas of affordable housing development, design and construction services, asset management and compliance, and economic development, in addition to the internal teams who handle administrative, communications and finance responsibilities. Ashley helps craft Travois’ policies, procedures, and best practices to ensure that the needs of clients, investors and other stakeholders are met across all areas of business. Ashley has been a key team member at Travois since 2005.

Kellie Burke has been promoted to chief financial officer. Kellie protects corporate assets and helps promote operational efficiency and effectiveness. She is responsible for managing the short-term and long-term financial actions of the company and the day-to-day operations of the finance and accounting staff. Kellie prepares financial reporting for Travois and facilitates external financial audits of Travois New Markets. Kellie joined Travois in 2012 and served as controller.

Adam Teefey, previously senior architect, is the director of design and leads our architectural team. Adam has over a decade of experience in the fields or architecture and construction. He assists clients through all phases of the design and construction process, ensuring collaboration with vendors while maintaining schedule and budget limitations. Adam’s portfolio includes a wide range of project types, from single and multi-family residential housing to commercial and community facilities. His designs are both culturally appropriate and energy-efficient, as he brings knowledge of the principles of green design to new and rehabilitation projects. Adam joined Travois in 2015.

Kari Hutchison has been promoted to compliance manager. Kari oversees the day-to-day operations of the compliance team members, who are responsible for ensuring client properties meet compliance requirements for Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Section 8 and HOME housing programs. Kari tracks deadlines and helps the team to meet investor and state reporting requirements and reviews tenant files to ensure accuracy. Kari joined Travois in 2012 and previously worked as senior compliance specialist.

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