Andi Weber

Andi Weber

Mohican, Menonimee

Project coordinator | Travois

I come from a huge close-knit family. I am an enrolled member of the Mohican Nation in Wisconsin (the reservation I grew up on), and I am Menominee. My great-grandparents had 10 children — so I am close to my fourth and fifth cousins. I was great-grandchild #87, my eldest son is #228 and my second son is #260!

My tribal identity is very important to me and governs who I am as a person, my values and life path. I am proud to be a first-generation college graduate.

My path has taken me in many different, often difficult directions, but it steered me to Haskell Indian Nations University (which my heart will forever be grateful for), the University of Kansas, and now Travois! My work ethic helped me achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous and American Indian studies with an emphasis in sovereignty from Haskell. In May 2019, I obtained a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kansas with an emphasis in city management.

In a previous role, I was intern for the sustainability department for a county in Kansas, where I gathered data about a jail expansion and at-risk stakeholders, researched policies and sustainable practices in resilient city planning, helped with a community health planning assessment and came up with solutions on how to address and implement “equity.” I learned about the STAR Community Rating System and helped forge new relationships and connections.

That internship pretty much embodied me as a person — I like to learn all I can and keep busy because that’s where I thrive.

At Travois, I will use this experience, a shared understanding, and my formal education to help you bring beautiful, sustainable and culturally responsive housing to your people. I like to think that being a strong, resilient Indigenous woman and mother from the rez will help me to get the job done!

Contact Travois today if I can help you get the job done.