Deion McQuarters

Deion McQuarters

Architectural intern | Travois Design

Residential architecture has a huge impact on the lives of families and children. I know this because of the housing I lived in when I was growing up. It’s why I earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Kansas and why I design residential architecture at Travois. I want to help people. Everyone, no matter their financial circumstances, deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their homes, and that’s what I think about as I help our team design affordable homes and structures for our clients in Native communities.

My other passion is the environment – I’m big on nature and wildlife. I try my best to not use plastics, to recycle and to treat every living creature with respect (except spiders). While at KU, I earned a Certificate in Sustainability, and now as an architectural intern, I use what I learned to help make homes cost-efficient and beautiful, using the best materials for our environment. I’ll continue this as I work through the required internship hours and exams I need to reach my goal of becoming a licensed architect.

Contact Travois today so we can talk about your community’s goals for the future. Whether you’re in need of rehabilitated homes for elders, administrative offices for tribal businesses, or health and wellness facilities, I would love to hear how I can help the people in your community.

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