Laura Herron

Laura Herron

Architect III | Travois Design

I spent my childhood in a small town in Kansas exploring outside and making things inside. To this day, the natural world and its systems inspire me, and I love to make and create all sorts of things. Most recently, I’ve made a dozen different flavors of homemade ice cream and have learned to bake naturally fermented sourdough bread. I also like to quilt, paint and garden.

I approach the world with a positive outlook and open mind, bringing my love for creating and a tenacious work ethic to Travois in my role as architect. Whether you’re in need of master planning services, affordable housing for families or a new health and wellness center, our team would love to help you find the very best solution. We work in tandem with the teams that can help you access the funding you need to move forward.

I’m NCARB-certified and have been a licensed architect since 2016. I’ve gained expertise in managing large mixed-use construction projects that included residential, retail, office, courtyard amenities and tiered parking garages. I earned a Master of Architecture degree from Kansas State University with a concentration in sustainable concepts, both physical and social.

My education and past work experiences have taught me how to integrate passive strategies for building energy and water conservation. My goal is always to create structures that support the environmental needs of the occupants — through lighting, materiality and connection to the exterior. Well-designed spaces provide families and communities with comfort and emotional security, encouraging social interaction, creative exploration and mental stimulation.

I want to work with you to find smart strategies to create spaces that are comfortable and reflect your environment. Get in touch with Travois today and tell us what we can do to help.