Marzha Fritzler

Marzha Fritzler

Crow, Laguna Pueblo

Asset manager | Travois Asset Management

Growing up on the Crow Reservation in southeastern Montana, my favorite childhood activity was riding horses in the nearby hills. The feeling of connection to the horse and to my family’s land I experience when I ride are incomparable to anything else.

Owning and raising horses take a lot of hard work, and I’ve learned so much over the years. I have five horses now and am proud that my dad taught me to proficiently “start a colt” — teach a young horse to accept a halter and work up to accepting a saddle and a rider. With much care, persistence and communication, I continually make progress and ultimately reach the goal.

I joined the Travois team in 2016, and I use these same skills to help clients achieve their housing goals. My bachelor’s degree from Haskell Indian Nations University (Onward Haskell!), combined with a master’s degree, law degree and Tribal Lawyer certificate from the University of Kansas (RCJH!), and previous experiences serving tribes, also help.

As an asset manager and holding NAHASDA & Tax Credit Compliance Professional (NTCCP) and Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) certifications, I help clients understand what is needed to maintain their affordable housing and keep properties in compliance with program rules and regulations.

I know developments aren’t just numbers and plans. I was raised in a very close-knit family, where we were taught that family is always first.

Safe and affordable housing is a critical foundation for creating strong families and communities. Efficient and quality projects take time to develop and implement, but it’s all worthwhile when you witness the real-life impact the outcomes have on individuals, families and communities.