Matthew Bland

Matthew Bland

Asset manager | Travois New Markets

I’m an asset manager. I manage assets. I memorize their names and birthdays. I make sure they are kept happy. If one falters, I give it love and support. It’s not unlike being a parent.

In addition to the wonderful experience of chasing my two sons around, I am also a CPA with a master’s in accounting. So that helps too.

I have been with Travois since 2008, and I have worked in a number of different departments. I recently joined the University of Missouri – Kansas City Bloch Alumni Association Board, where I hope to better engage students, alumni and business leaders in our community.

While my main duties include managing flow of funds, fulfilling audit and tax requirements, and closing NMTC transactions, I can work with you at any stage of your economic development transaction. Contact Travois today so we can talk about the economic challenges you face in your community and how we can overcome them together.