Check out NAFOA’s great holiday gift ideas

As a corporate partner of NAFOA, we have seen firsthand the great work they do to move Indian Country forward. Their insight on policy and cutting-edge programs make them one of our most valued partners. In short, when NAFOA gives advice, we usually follow it.

We recommend you do the same with these great holiday gift ideas. Click here to view the list.

Travois has been purchasing Bedré Chocolates for clients, investors and other friends in recent years. We usually have a bowl of it on our table at conferences. We fill it up, have a few conversations with passing attendees, and by the time we look back down, it is empty!

Keep these great companies in mind as you make your holiday gift decisions this winter. And if you feel grateful for Travois giving you a heads-up about this list, we wouldn’t turn down some extra snacks.