Chili and cornbread

Travois’ 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off started out our week at the Kansas City office. On Monday, 13 employees brought in their best chili and cornbread dishes, welcomed family members to join us, and the competition began. As you would guess, trying 13 different chili recipes is quite filling but also very fun!

Winners in each category are:

Best Overall Chili: tie between Kellie Burke and Brett Schwarz

Five Alarm Fire (Spiciest) Chili: Adam Rose

Best Traditional Chili: Crystal Banks-Mann

Most Unusual Chili: Casey Cline

Should be in a Restaurant Chili: Kellie Burke

Best Overall Cornbread: Justin Savich

Best Traditional Cornbread: Dena Campbell

Most Unusual: Josie Anderson

Should be in a Restaurant Cornbread: Justin Savich

See photos of the grueling competition!

3rd Annual Travois Chili Cook-Off

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