Crisscrossing the nation: A busy 2015!

Travois Design & Construction Services is Travois’ in-house architectural firm. We combine three skill sets under one roof: designing beautiful homes, designing with a tribal client in mind and designing for the specifics of the project’s funding structure, most often the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.

After the homes are designed, we stay closely involved with projects as they are put out to bid and during the construction phase. This means that we spend a lot of time on the road! In 2015, we traveled coast to coast, from Maine to California to Oregon to Montana and many places in between.

We held planning meetings, led design charettes, attended construction meetings and conducted work-in-place monitoring visits. We visited clients, contractors and construction sites and monitored construction progress to ensure state and investor expectations were met.

My colleagues Lauren, Adam Teefey, Taylor, Jason, Zach and I take great pride in watching our clients build and rehabilitate homes and feel most fulfilled when we see families move in and enjoy their improved housing. In 2015, our clients built 612 housing units under our watch!

I tallied more of our work during 2015:

  • We made 139 construction site visits and followed each up with an observation report or work-in-place report. This is an average of nearly 12 a month.
  • Our team visited 21 different construction projects around the country.
  • We completed architectural design sets for 10 projects.

We look forward to seeing what our clients accomplish in 2016!

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