Deion is joining Travois Design!

Our Travois Design team has been busy! Recently, staff members attended grand openings for Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and the Karuk Tribe and have started the design process with new clients. With all the excitement, Deion McQuarters is a great addition to help our team and clients!

Deion is joining Travois Design as an architectural intern. He graduated last May from the University of Kansas and holds a bachelor’s degree in architectural studies.

Learn more about him below!

1. What are some of your strengths?

One of my biggest strengths is my patience. I usually keep a level head in disorienting situations, and that patience breeds tenacity. I don’t like to quit on anything unless I absolutely have to.

2. Where did you work before you started at Travois?

I previously worked in telecommunications where I designed cell phone towers. I learned a lot of technical knowledge that I couldn’t really learn in school.

3. What higher education have you received?

I recently graduated from the architecture program at the University of Kansas. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in architectural studies as well as my certificate in sustainability, I decided to take a break from classes before I go back to get my master’s degree.

I will use the skills I learned from my degree and sustainability certificate to help make cost-efficient, beautiful homes and structures that use the best materials for our environment.

4. Do you have any family details that you’d like to share?

My little brother is pictured above! I’m also planning to adopt a few animals in the near future (a dog, some fish, maybe a snake – simple stuff).

5. What inspires you?

What inspires me the most are the people in poverty who still push to make the world better for others, despite their own troubles. I think there’s a lot of power in the voices of those who truly want to work for a better future.

6. Do you have a slogan or life philosophy that represents you?

It’s not technically a slogan but a way of life: live freely and do not tamper with anyone’s freedom. I’m also big on nature and wildlife, so I try my best to not use plastic, recycle as much as I can and treat every living creature with respect (except spiders).

Fill in the blank:

On weekends, you’ll find me: Either running, playing video games or working

My favorite holiday is: Christmas, no contest

I’d love to meet (person – living or dead): Probably Jack Kirby. I have a slight obsession with comic books, and he’s one of the best at writing them.

My favorite book, movie, band or song of all time is: I don’t read any good books besides comics, and I don’t like movies, but my favorite musician of all time is Michael Jackson. His song “Butterflies” has always been my favorite song.

A perfect day for me is: I’d like to wake up early and going for a run, eat breakfast and then enjoy about two hours’ worth of binge watching “Parks and Recreation.” Then I’d spend the rest of the day walking and exploring either the outdoors or a random building that I find interesting.

My first car was a: Chevy Malibu. I’ve had it for four years.

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