Demo day and final designs: Renovation in progress for WTIDC administrative offices

The Wichita Tribe Industrial Development Commission (WTIDC) reached an important milestone for the renovation of its WTIDC Business Facility earlier this month— it began interior demolition!

This is a unique project. The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes purchased a historic building in downtown Anadarko, Oklahoma, and WTIDC is converting the space into administrative offices. The building is a great space but was in serious need of a renovation. See sketches and before photos below.

“I am excited to get this building going. I think it will be a beautiful building when it is completed. It will be something the city and the tribe will be proud of.” — Jesse Jones, Wichita Housing Authority housing director and tribal vice-president. 

Starting with a full gut rehabilitation, the building will be a shell, and Travois Design is responsible for laying out a new interior.

In addition to being the architect for new and rehabilitated housing developments, Travois Design also handles architectural designs for commercial and community developments, such as this administrative building, community centers, health facilities and more. Our team was up for the job!

I’ve enjoyed working on the architectural designs for WTIDC. During our initial design charette in August 2017, we discussed the needs of WTIDC, with an open office concept on the second floor, a few breakout rooms and with a larger conference room. The final designs (see below) include the original brick walls, and exposed wood structure.

Demolition started January 2, 2018 – and the demo contractor has already filled 12 dumpsters since then!

The demo contractor should be completely done with the demo scope within this week, and then we can bring the designs to life. The remodel work will go out to bid in mid-March. It’s exciting to see the building cleaned up (see photo below) and gutted – and getting closer to achieving WTIDC’s vision of the building.

We are excited to work with the WTIDC team to see this venture become a reality and are honored to be part of the process. Our next milestone is completing the renovation!