Ho-Chunk Inc. HC Village 2.0

Winnebago, Nebraska

Ho-Chunk Village Warrior 1 

Ho-Chunk Inc. (HCI) is the award-winning economic development corporation owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

HCI has been a catalyst for the transformation of the Winnebago community by leading Indian Country’s most aggressive and effective master planned development: Ho-Chunk Village.

The village is a walkable community that encourages cultural awareness, community cohesion and a culture of health and achievement.

The initial phases of the village have been successful and this second phase will add:

  • affordable housing
  • access to healthy food
  • creation of quality jobs

Funds are also being used for infrastructure on the next village expansion.

  • Native Organization: Ho-Chunk Inc.
  • Date Closed with Investor: 2019
  • Date Completed:
  • Development Type: Business
  • Project Status: Under Construction
  • Total Investor Equity: $2,100,000
  • Total Project Cost: $6,800,000