Pascua Yaqui # 4

Osay Bo-oh, Koni, Ejea Sewa, Ignacio Baumea, Sevie Choa, & Siari Kuta
Tucson, Arizona 85757

With its 2012 allocation of LIHTCs, the Pascua Yaqui Tribe focused exclusively on rehabilitating units in its existing housing stock. The 40 units selected for rehab were built in the late 1980s and were in need of substantial rehabilitation. The exteriors will receive new stucco, windows, and doors. The interiors will have all finishes and fixtures throughout the unit replaced. Once construction is complete in late 2013, more than 75 percent of the units will serve tenants at or below 50 percent Area Median Income.

Travois Design & Construction Services provided a capital needs assessment and construction monitoring.

RBC Capital Markets is the investor for this project.

  • Native Organization: Pascua Yaqui Tribe
  • Asset Management Client
  • Environmental Services Client
  • Design and Construction Features
  • Date Closed with Investor: 2012
  • Date Completed: 2013
  • Development Type: Rehab
  • Project Status: Complete
  • Total Homes: 40
  • Total Project Cost: $8,156,531
  • Total Investor Equity: $4,651,940