San Carlos Housing Authority # 5

Mt. Turnbull & in Rising Sun Subdivision
Bylas, Arizona 85530

With a 2011 allocation of credits from the Arizona Department of Housing, the San Carlos Housing Authority is constructing a 25-unit rehabilitation and 15-unit new construction project at two different sites in Bylas, AZ. The rehab units are located in the housing authority’s existing Mt. Turnbull subdivision and have been under the housing authority’s management since they were first built in the early 1990s. The new units will be part of the new Rising Sun subdivision, which is only a minor component of the tribe’s Bylas larger plan. Two community buildings, one at each project location, will also be built as part of the tax credit project. In addition, a new basketball court will be provided within the Mt. Turnbull subdivision. Ranging from two to five bedrooms, these units will serve tenants with incomes at or below 40, 50, and 60 percent Area Median Income. Notably, the new construction units will include solar panels to help keep the ongoing utility expenses affordable for the tenants.

Travois Design & Construction Services provided a capital needs assessment and construction monitoring.

RBC Capital Markets is the investor for this project.

  • Native Organization: San Carlos Housing Authority
  • Environmental Services Client
  • Design and Construction Features
  • Date Closed with Investor: 2012
  • Date Completed: 2013
  • Development Type: New Contruction/Rehab
  • Project Status: Complete
  • Total Homes: 40
  • Total Project Cost: $7,908,137
  • Total Investor Equity: $6,442,885