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It’s important for organizations to connect with their clients and partners, and social media has many platforms for us to do just that. Trying to figure out where and how you share your organization with the world can be tricky.

We believe we say it best through the Travois blog. We share Travois news and clients’ news through weekly posts and distribute the news through email blasts, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Until recently!

We’ve updated our Instagram account to highlight news too! By following us on Instagram, you’ll be able to keep up with client groundbreakings, tax credit awards and closings, grand openings and more.

We’ve included a link in our Instagram bio that acts as a launch page to different stories.

When you see a story you are interested in, click the link in our bio, then click the photo that correlates with the story — you will be directed to our company blog.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! If you’re not already, follow us on Instagram: @TravoisKC.