Introducing our 20th Anniversary Superheroes: Marvin Burnette and Desirae Wallace (Part 3 of 6)

We’ve made it halfway into spotlighting our 20th Anniversary Superheroes, our clients and partners who have accomplished amazing things in the housing and economic development industries!

If you missed previous posts, read about Superhero attorneys Angela Christy and Darryl Jacobs here (Part 2 of 6), executive director Scott Moses here (Part 1 of 6) and see event photos from our 15th Annual Conference here.

Today, we are highlighting two staff members of housing authorities who work behind the scenes and play essential roles in their Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects.


Marvin Burnette, assistant projects manager at White Mountain Apache Housing Authority – Pillar Superhero

Marvin Burnette is one of those incredibly hard working people who often go unnoticed but whose hard work and persistence are key to success of developing housing. Marvin knows all about persistence; he has supervised six Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona and countless other affordable housing projects over the years.

His attention to detail and extensive construction knowledge allowed the White Mountain’s sixth LIHTC project to come in under budget using a force account. Marvin’s use of the force account allowed the housing authority to increase housing staff to reduce unemployment in the area. He knows how to manage a project, stretch a dollar, and battle the elements to deliver a quality product on time.


Desirae Wallace, project coordinator at the Warm Springs Housing Authority – Haven Superhero

Desirae Wallace has been instrumental to the success of the Warm Springs Housing Authority’s first LIHTC project, located within the Greeley Heights subdivision on the Warm Springs Reservation in central Oregon. Desirae works hard to help families move into the 35 new single-family homes, listening to their needs and putting plans into action.

She helped plan and coordinate the project’s grand opening and continues to go above and beyond to create a haven for tribal families in Oregon.

Reflecting on the award, Desirae shared: “It’s not often that I’m recognized for my work let alone receive an award. I’m happy to say that the Travois team noticed my hard work and dedication to Warm Springs housing and community, and I didn’t even know it until I was called up to accept this award. Thank you Travois. I feel very appreciated and feel like I accomplished something amazing.”

We congratulate Marvin and Desirae for their dedication and hard work! Keep an eye out here for more details on the rest of our award winners!