New certification creates new services for TES

(Jason Betts is the environmental professional for Travois Environmental Services.)

Travois Environmental Services is now certified to conduct energy audits through the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI) certification for Home Energy Professionals. Energy audits are needed to recognize and treat safety issues, conserve energy, increase efficiency, increase comfort of the residents and save money.

I recently attended the energy audit course. The course required two exams to become certified: a written exam and a practical field exam. In preparation for the field exam we ran practice home audits at several Travois employees’ houses — the practical information gained was invaluable.

The photo below shows one aspect of an energy audit — the blower door test. This test measures the amount of airflow leaving your home.

I really enjoyed being able to test out our new equipment, add experience to my skill set and provide valuable information to a few homeowners.

Travois hopes to offer these services to our clients in the coming months. If you are interested, please contact Travois Environmental Services at

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