Travois is hosting a juried art exhibition series featuring North American Indigenous artists at our headquarters in the heart of metro Kansas City.

The Crossroads Arts District is the site of one of the country’s strongest First Friday events and attracts up to 10,000 people from across the heartland.

Our mission is to support and promote American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nation, Inuit, Métis, and Indigenous Mexican artists through juried exhibition.

Our vision is to see Indigenous artists more prominently featured and powerfully supported in metropolitan Kansas City.

Nov. 1 | “Playing with Fire” by Yatika Starr Fields (Osage, Cherokee & Creek)

In his artist statement, Yatika Starr Fields said: “I am motivated in my work fundamentally by the search for freedom in all forms. I seek to create a contemporary terrain in the juxtaposition of my living memories. Dissolving elements of space and time, I create a synthesis of symbolic forms and objects floating and bending on the canvas at all angles, negating the horizon and the rule of linear experience. The objects and forms represent the past and present from my perspective as a member of the Osage, Cherokee and Creek Nations of Oklahoma surrounded by beautiful colors and patterns joined by rhythm and dance from tradition. Fast paced cities and humble highways of the plains are defined by a historical layering of cultures, art and creativity that I seek to portray. In the essence of painting, my process has journeyed from abstract to most recently focusing on representational, landscapes and figurative. By removing what the eye perceives and knows and leaving what the body feels with hints of dialogue revealing truths and questions — sensation through color and movement — tied together with cultural affinity but provoked by general concerns of world differences. The creation mythology of this space is narrated in my work from inspirations of culture, travels abroad and life in Boston, New York City, the Pacific Northwest and now back in the state I was born, Oklahoma. Resulting in an explosion of current experience, in this suspended trichotomy between nature, urban experiences and traditions, a new world is made.”

His work is included in the collections of the Heard Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Oklahoma State Museum of Art and Sam Noble Museum. He was a Tulsa Artist Fellowship recipient in 2017.

Learn more about his work on Instagram @yatikafields and on Twitter @Yatikafields.