Not just a summer job: my experience as an intern

(Editor’s note: Carmen Morgan, a student at Haskell Indian Nations University, interned this summer and split time between the Travois and Tepa offices, both located in Kansas City. Learn more about her here.)

Last fall during my business calculus class at Haskell Indian Nations University, my instructor, Brian Wika, mentioned an internship opportunity in the Kansas City area.

After class, he explained the internship as being a partnership between two companies, Tepa and Travois, and he strongly recommended that I apply. I submitted my application and learned in spring that I had been selected.

I was immediately excited knowing that I would be working while at home for summer break, but I didn’t know what else to expect. I’ve learned first-hand that an internship is more than just a job.

Time management was the first skill I was able to practice after I viewed my scheduled meetings for the week. There were six on my first day! These meetings with department directors and senior management allowed me to observe several forms of professional communication and explore career options within various departments. By week’s end, I already reached deadlines for my first two completed assignments.

While working with the communications team, there have been writing assignments, research projects and random tasks that have introduced me to computer programs and systems that assist with the management of customer relationships, project tracking, website content and media monitoring.

Having learned to navigate these programs, I can log new skills on my resume and expand my relevant work experience. At the end of week three, I was an unofficial blog writer, editor, designer and publisher.

Being part of the Travois team has empowered me and encouraged my personal development more than I could have imagined.

Every week I’m presented with new challenges to overcome and new skills to learn, which have bolstered my confidence. This internship has introduced me to resources and relationships that will help me establish and build my professional network, setting the foundation for my future career.

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