Reviewing 2015

Mike Price

As I began to close the books on another year — that went by way too fast — I took some time to reflect back on everything we accomplished in 2015. I also took time to reflect on the season as I spent time with family and friends in my home.

I realized that my home offers me the opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends, but our affordable housing projects provide the communities we serve with something even more. Through partnerships with our clients, together we build a safe environment for children to grow and learn and provide families with the opportunity to obtain better healthcare and provide for their families.

An affordable place to live means a great deal to families who are struggling financially, and by providing decent, safe and affordable housing, the financial burden families face is greatly reduced.

As we dive head first into 2016, we stand committed to helping our partners continue to provide affordable housing in their communities.

I pulled together a few numbers to show what our asset management and compliance team accomplished in 2015. We work hard for our clients to help them operate and maintain their affordable housing developments and ensure homes are provided to the families, tribal elders and special needs populations who qualify to live in them.

Crystal Banks-Mann, Josie Elliston, Kari Hutchison, Alicia Copeland, Rachel Nass and I would like to thank our clients for their hospitality over the last year, for the trust they put in us and for allowing us to serve them.


Without further ado, here are the impressive numbers from our team:

  • We completed 89 client site visits and also traveled to 12 trainings and conferences.
  • We reviewed 11,994 tenant files, which included new move-ins, recertifications, correction reviews and on-site investor reviews.
  • We helped ensure 179 families could move into new homes. Six projects completed rent-ups in 2015.
  • We answered calls on our 24-hour compliance question hotline that is open 24/7/365.
  • We processed 58 pay applications to ensure construction projects received the investor equity they needed to continue.
  • The students of our NAHASDA & Tax Credit Compliance Professional (NTCCP) training course passed the certification exam at an impressive 92-percent rate.
  • We submitted 290 total state and investor reports that are due either monthly, quarterly or annually.

And perhaps most impressively, 100 percent of the 2,147 homes we help our clients maintain have delivered the tax credits they promised to investors!

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