Top five blog posts of 2016

It’s 2017 already? Before we get too much further into the new year with new blogs, let’s look back at five of our most viewed blog posts from 2016.

If you’re new to our website, our blog is broadly focused on housing and economic development in American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. 

We like to share everything from the milestones our clients’ projects achieve (we love grand openings!) to advocacy efforts, and even some behind-the-scenes happenenings at our office in Kansas City. We also like to share our space with guest bloggers who pass along their knowledge and opportunities to you.

These blog posts from 2016 (Top 5 in reverse order) deserve a second look:

5. Quechan Housing Authority to build largest tribal LIHTC project in California

The Quechan Housing Authority (QHA) is moving forward with its first Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project! The California Tax Credit Allocation Commission (CTCAC) awarded a 2016 allocation of LIHTCs to QHA to construct 44 new single-family units on the Fort Yuma Reservation in Winterhaven, CA. This is the largest tribal LIHTC project in California and the second largest (based on the tax credit award) in Travois history.

4. Beautiful photos show project’s success

The Travois Design and Construction team is thankful for Ed Williams and Advanced Native Construction (ANC) for sending beautiful framed photographs of the completed Greeley Heights project. The 35-home Greeley Heights Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project was completed by ANC in December of 2015.

3. Community facility and offices to be rehabbed with Red Cliff Rehab #2

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects can provide funding to build or rehabilitate community facilities while also improving housing. The Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority (RCCHA), is taking advantage of this option and is making great progress on its project, Red Cliff Rehab #2! Lauren DuCharme, architect, enjoyed working on the architectural designs for the project — both for the homes and the community spaces.

2. Prairie Band receives $500,000 AHP grant

Congratulations to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation! In October, the tribe received an Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant of $500,000 through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka. The grant will add an extra boost to the tribe’s third Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project.

1. Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority adding new homes near North America’s oldest continually inhabited community

Adam Rose, senior project coordinator, visited the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority (PAHA) in Acoma Pueblo, NM, and shared the success of PAHA’s LIHTC project. He was lucky enough to see the oldest continually inhabited community in North America, “Sky City,” a mesa-top village of more than 250 dwellings that were built on a 367-foot sandstone bluff starting in 1150 A.D.

What’s your favorite post from 2016? Tell us below!