Travois First Fridays: Community-inspired design

Travois First Fridays on Dec. 1 will feature two artistic teams pulling inspiration from the communities they serve. We will feature our Travois Design team and Kansas City artist JT Daniels

Our design team will display development drawings and structural models to demonstrate how affordable homes in Indian Country can be green, beautiful and culturally relevant. The talented team of architects and professionals who make up Travois Design, led by Ashley Bland, are devoted to strong listening and engagement. This artistic team works closely with American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian partners through community charrettes to inform the design and development of homes, community centers, health clinics and government buildings that will serve generations to come. The Travois Design team includes Lauren DuCharmeAdam TeefeyTaylor HigginsJason BettsZach HigginsElsa Garcia and Shani King.

JT Daniels will also join us on Dec. 1. JT is the artist behind the overlapping faces, words and characters you see on the KC Streetcar or on the exterior of many of Kansas City’s historic brick walls. Meet JT and see more of his work, which is inspired by the story lines of people he’s talked to and shared spaces with. JT is described as one of the most exciting emerging Kansas Citians. He works with youth and community-driven art programs to reflect emotion in design and display Kansas City’s stories, history and people in everyday public life. Learn more on his website.

Walk through our space to view designs from Travois architects and JT Daniels from 5:30-8 p.m. Artists talks will begin at 6:30 p.m. Preregister for the free event here.

Travois First Fridays was created to highlight the strength and modern-day vitality of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian artists and to stimulate art purchases and commissions within Kansas City — Travois headquarters. Our Dec. 1 exhibition is a special addition focusing on community inspired design.

Our Call for Artists deadline is quickly approaching! Native artists can apply until Thursday, Nov. 30. Our jury will choose six artists to showcase their work in 2018. Stay tuned for beautiful events ahead!

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