Travois talks solar power and our solar experience

David Bland on KCUR
David Bland talks about our solar project on KCUR

This morning I was lucky enough to listen and watch as David Bland, (my father and) chairman of Travois, had the opportunity to talk about our Kansas City office and the solar canopy that we built on our roof.

The radio station KCUR, a local National Public Radio affiliate, invited us to come on the air and talk about the solar industry, active solar and photovoltaic technologies, and our specific solar project.

My father was able to get in some good sound bites about the important work we do in Indian Country and how our own experience with solar power will allow us to further help our clients with their solar and other renewable energy projects.

Today’s discussion was mainly about the solar market and the real guts of a solar project: financing, construction, maintenance and the specific properties of solar panels. David was joined in the interview by Andy Homoly, the contractor we hired for our project, and he spoke about all of the technical properties that make solar power unique and the story behind our solar canopy.

You can listen to the entire interview or read a summary of the story at the KCUR website here. To view and listen to “Central Standard” archives, click here.