Trent Travels Too

Since my start with Travois in May, I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel all over the country. I have tried my best with each travel location to get out and explore as much as possible. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my first few months!

(In case you haven’t seen these yet, Architect Adam Teefey is an awesome photographer. See his photos here and here.)

After a Montana Board of Housing (MBOH) meeting in Helena, MT, I took a boat trip up the Missouri River through the Gates of the Mountains. There were plenty of photo opportunities. My only advice is to wear sunscreen if you are stuck in the back of the boat!

This is one of my favorite pictures from my trip to Southern Utah. I stayed the weekend in St. George after our meetings concluded. The rock formation and statue is actually a large roundabout. I had to take the picture quickly standing up in a Jeep as we drove around it.

After a design charrette with Blackfeet Housing, Adam Teefey and I were able to go on a hike through Glacier National Park. The views in Glacier were just ridiculous, and I could have taken a million amazing pictures. It was just such an incredible park. (See one of Teefey’s photos from the trip here.)

Taylor Higgins and I attended the Pueblo of Acoma groundbreaking ceremony and were also invited to tour Sky City. It was amazing to see the historic homes stacked on one another all on top of a very large mesa. Sky City is so unique and its architecture so iconic, I had to get a picture.

I most recently attended the Montana Board of Housing’s QAP session in Anaconda, MT. I was able to sneak outside for about 10 minutes in between the 12 hours of QAP discussion and brave the -12 degree weather to take this picture.

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