Is the UPCS training right for me?

Mike Price, director of Travois Asset Management & Compliance, leads the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) training to prepare housing authority staff for state agency and investor inspections. We asked Mike questions about the two-day training to help you determine if this instruction is right for you.

When and where is your next training? Tuesday, July 24-Wednesday, July 25 in Kansas City – home of some awesome barbecue, jazz and our Travois headquarters!

Who should attend? This course benefits those who are employed in the following housing fields: executive staff, occupancy specialist, resident services, maintenance and any other staff involved in the day-to-day management of rental housing projects, especially those working with Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.

Why is this training important? State agencies and investors who are partners on LIHTC developments will visit periodically and inspect the homes and property. These are called on-site physical inspections, and developments must pass them to maintain funding.

What topics are covered? The class covers the use and implantation of UPCS inspection protocols. Participants will learn about the following:

  • Property profile
  • Building systems
  • Defect determination
  • Health and safety categories
  • Life-threatening hazards
  • Fair housing concerns

What is your teaching style? I like to keep instruction casual with an open flow of communication and a low-stress environment. I talk about real life examples, answer questions thoroughly and make sure all of my students understand the material. Each UPCS attendee also receives a UPCS Training Manual and UPCS Field Guide.

Why do you enjoy teaching the course? After a development is funded, construction is completed, and homes are rented to families, the hard work continues: managing and maintaining the homes. Inspections can be a stressful but being prepared can make this process much simpler. I enjoy helping others be prepared and successful in their jobs.

More information about the course, a syllabus and registration information can be found on our website. Registration is open!

The NAHASDA and Tax Credit Compliance Professional (NTCCP) training will be held concurrently, led by NAIHC and Travois. Registration is now open on NAIHC’s website.

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