Visiting Haskell Indian Nations University

I recently had the opportunity to visit Haskell Indian Nations University and meet so many wonderful people. Our visit and tour was organized by Marisa Mendoza, director of the Haskell Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the university by raising funds to assist needs beyond the appropriated funds provided by the Bureau of Indian Education.

Dr. Venida Chenault, the college’s president, welcomed us and gave us a great introduction to the university. A fun fact she mentioned was that students from 150 tribes attend the school each year.

We toured the campus with Professor Dr. Dan Wildcat as our guide! He directed us from building to building and told stories along the way. We talked in great lengths about the oldest building on campus, Hiawatha Hall.

Hiawatha Hall was built in 1898. It is a beautiful building constructed of limestone with a large multipane window with green tinted glass. Two towers stand on either side. The building has served many purposes on campus — as a chapel, auditorium, and recreation center.

During the tour, Lee Pahcoddy, Haskell’s facilities director, told us the building has been closed since 1993. The university hopes to restore the building and preserve the history of Hiawatha Hall.

Interested in learning more about the university and foundation?

Of course I took lots of photos to share with you all. Check them out below!

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  1. I am always amazed during my travels how many people I meet that light up when I tell them I’m from Kansas and will reply with “I went to Haskell!” Or, their mother or someone in their family went there. On the last trip I took to DNDC, one of my waitresses commented that she wants to move to Lawrence due to her positive experience at Haskell.

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