Travois Design* works together with our clients and the Travois development team to design affordable housing developments that suit the needs of the community and will be most competitive in the tax credit application process.

  • Design. In the initial planning stages, we help define the program or scope of work for the development, assist in creating a realistic construction budget, analyze the architectural- and construction-related Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) requirements, and make recommendations for a design strategy that maximizes points in the LIHTC application.
  • Implement. Our Travois team helps bring developments to life in a variety of practical ways. We can prepare Capital Needs Assessments (CNA) of existing housing stock as required for most rehabilitation projects. We prepare preliminary plans and design-related documents required for applications and ensure that all LIHTC commitments are incorporated in the final construction sets. We take the ideas generated during the planning stages and make them real through detailed construction documents.
  • Monitor. We continue our involvement through construction to review the quality of work and provide oversight and input as needed. We safeguard the success of the development by always looking out for the best interest of our clients and investors.
  • Coordinate. As part of the Travois family of companies, we have a valuable relationship with the rest of the tax credit team and are able to work as part of a larger development team for a smooth process from start to finish.


Our services:

  • Architectural design services
    • Design charette and preliminary planning meetings
    • Preliminary plans for LIHTC and other funding applications
    • Full, stamped construction documents
    • Coordination of bid process, submittal review and draw requests
  • Construction consulting and cost estimating services
  • Construction monitoring and work-in-place building services
  • Housing inspections using Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS)
  • Green build consulting — LEED certification
  • Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs)
  • Plan reviews for LIHTC and building code compliance


*Travois Design is an architectural firm licensed to practice as Travois Design & Construction Services LLC and Travois Architecture PC.