Winner, winner, chili dinner

Our annual chili cook-off was this week! With 19 chili entries and a handful of sides to judge, lunch was full of flavors and commentary:

“There are so many to try!”

“Ooh, spicy.”

“I like them all.”

“Cilantro makes everything wonderful.”

“There’s a pocket of cheese in this cornbread!”


“Do you put brown sugar in your chili?”

“This cinnamon roll is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

“Have you had a cinnamon roll, yet?”

As you may have guessed, it was another successful chili cook-off at Travois.

After the votes were tallied, here are our 2016 chili cook-off champs:

Chili winners

Side dish winners

This year’s grand champion was presented with a golden crockpot trophy! Congrats, Kellie! Your chili was delicious!


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