World Indigenous Business Forum in Sydney

Phil Glynn and I had the great pleasure to represent Travois this year at the World Indigenous Business Forum that was being held in Sydney, Australia. We spent the week speaking with many indigenous business owners and entrepreneurs. It is always great to see the exciting work being done around the world, and the work that still needs to be done.

There is still a great need for housing and continued economic development around the world for indigenous communities, and it is the groups and forums like this that bring people together to share their experiences and offer support for others. One thing was clear from this forum, and that was the message of finding a way for indigenous groups around the world to work together, either through funding sources, sharing of market information, or direct joint ventures and partnerships. People were very excited about the possibility of a global indigenous market place.

Now for a little about Sydney, and what a great city it is. Phil and I made sure to save a day or so to wander around and see the different parts of the city and do the whole tourist thing. Sydney Harbour is beautiful, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge on one side and the Sydney Opera House on the other.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

Transportation for us was mainly by boat either up and down the Parramatta River or through the harbor to other towns and parts of the city. We say we traveled by boat because it was fun for some landlocked people to get out on the water, but really it was because we were too scared to try and drive a car on the other side of the road.

Phil and I had great time on the other side of the world, and it was because of the people we met. The connections we made will hopefully bring future business for Travois and our clients here in the U.S. It was great to see organizations around the world doing the same work we strive to do everyday, bringing quality housing and economic development to indigenous communities. For more information about the forum and the group that organized the forum, please click here.