North Fork LIHTC Homes #1


North Fork LIHTC Homes #1 received a 2020 Low Income Housing Tax Credit award from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC).

With a combination of seven duplexes and 12 single-family homes, the development will construct 26 total units. The new development will serve all family sizes on the Rancheria. Units range from one, two, three, and four bedrooms.

The geography of the development site is unique. Homes will be built into a steep hill with views of the Yosemite Valley to the north. The duplexes are designed as two-story structures to limit cutting into the hill.

Travois Design is the project architect.

  • Native Organization: North Fork Rancheria Indian Housing Authority
  • Asset Management Client
  • Design and Construction Features
  • Date Completed:
  • Development Type: New Construction
  • Project Status: Credits Awarded
  • Total Homes: 26
  • Total Project Cost: $15,796,712
  • Total Investor Equity: $10,934,310