Travois Superhero Awards


Artwork by Jeffrey Veregge.

Nominations are closed. Winners will be announced at our annual conference on April 27. 

We honor industry professionals doing amazing work in their communities at our annual conference! Tell us who you think should win and why with our easy nomination form.

Nominations can be coworkers, peers from other communities, a family member, someone you look up to, someone you see potential in, or yourself! We want to hear about everyone who is doing great things in Indian Country!


Award categories

Housing Professional of the Year
Nominate a dynamic Native professional who works to provide housing for American Indian, Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian families. The Housing honoree will be someone who represents the highest professional standards and brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to the task of providing affordable housing.

Economic Development Professional of the Year
Nominate someone who helps spark positive economic change in Native communities. The Economic Development honoree will be someone who has helped build a strong community through infrastructure, health care, education, business or other community projects.

Pillar of the Year
Nominate a construction or maintenance professional who has played a key role in building your community. The Pillar honoree will know how to manage a project, stretch a dollar, and battle the elements to deliver a quality product on time.

Haven of the Year
Nominate an occupancy, resident services, compliance or asset management professional in your community who helps ensure Indian Country housing remains strong for the future. The Haven honoree will be a housing authority employee who listens to the needs of the families he or she serves and puts plans into action.

Project Team of the Year
Nominate a project team who represents the best in Indian Country development. The award will not go to an individual but to a team who has used new ideas and courageous action to innovate in our field. This award nomination can include multiple team members who have ensured a project’s success: the tribal staff members and project partners like investors, attorneys, accountants and others. Let’s celebrate those breaking new ground in Indian Country housing, health, business, finance, education and other critical fields.

Past winners:

Questions about the nomination process? Contact or 816-994-8970.