Travois is a mission-driven small business headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. Since 1995, we have helped create affordable housing and economic developments with a value of more than $1.4 billion in American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.

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Message from CEO Elizabeth Bland Glynn


In more than two decades in business, we have built a team that understands a wide range of technical issues, diverse communities and unique situations. But really, it all comes down to one core skill — our job is to listen.

It is something we learned from our founders: David W. Bland, my father, and Marianne Roos, my mother.

Marianne Roos and David W. Bland, owners

In 1993, David first discovered the great need for housing in Indian Country while working as the manager of community affairs for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He was tasked with examining the credit and capital needs of tribes in the Ninth Federal Reserve District, which stretches 1,800 miles through six states.

The tribal leaders he met with acknowledged the need for greater access to capital and banking services. But at the time, they placed a much higher priority on dealing with the affordable housing crisis. David eventually visited about 30 reservations within the district. Everywhere he went he heard stories of homelessness, overcrowding, ever-growing waiting lists and ever-dwindling funding sources.

On one trip in April 1994, while driving between Great Falls and Helena, MT, David had an idea that changed the course of his career. He realized that none of the tribes he visited had any Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects, and with prior experience developing affordable housing, he knew he could help. (Watch David tell the story in this video.)

In 1995, he created a company named Travois, in homage to the set of poles that Plains Indians tied together to carry valuable things across rough terrain. This inspires our motto: “You know where you want to go; Let us pull some of the weight for you.”

"Going Home" by Kevin Red Star

(Painting by Kevin Red Star, 2010, “Going Home”)

Today Travois has secured financing for more than $1.4 billion in affordable housing and economic development with more than $700 million of that in private investor equity.

By listening to what tribal leaders were telling him, and building a company around that core skill, David put Travois on the path we follow to this day.

Travois has grown into a development consulting, financing, architectural design and environmental services firm. We listen to our clients’ goals and we devise solutions to help them reach the horizon. Find a list of our projects here.

In 2016, after working my way up the ranks, I became CEO of the company. When it comes to our focus on the client’s goals, we are still the same company we were in 1995. When it comes to the tools we can offer, Travois has made the constant changes our market has demanded over two decades.

Our team of professionals is passionate about helping you reach your goals.

If you are a lender or investor looking for opportunities in Indian Country, let us know.

If it is your job to raise the capital required for new housing and jobs and services in your Native community, get in touch with us today so we can begin our shared journey.