Casey Cline

Casey Cline

Senior project manager

Eight years at Travois, three degrees, two kids and two cats. But my life is more than just numbers, as I know the lives of your tribal members are too.

Life is in the details. I love to pair my travels in Indian Country with excursions on horseback. I’m often baking pies from scratch (even the crust!) around the holidays. I love to read books and always borrow them from the library. I can’t stand Jell-O or crooked picture frames, and I’m a wimp about spicy food. I also have no clue how Twitter works.

Tax credit programs are detailed too, and that’s where a detail-oriented person like me comes in. I’m here to simplify the complex state rules and investor requirements into what you need to know to have your project win credits and receive crucial financing. This role is a perfect integration of my business degrees and law degree. I work with a team of professionals who are, without a doubt, the best in the industry. We are visionaries, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and like to think we have a pretty good sense of humor too.

It’s an absolute thrill to see a development go from vacant, undeveloped land or existing buildings needing substantial repair, to new, affordable and downright beautiful homes. I’m honored to be a part our clients’ success. Let’s start talking now about how to make your housing visions a reality.