Chacour Koop

Chacour Koop

Communications manager | Travois

As a former journalist and writer, I’ve always strived to conscientiously and compassionately share important stories. Travois certainly has an important story to tell. With our clients always leading the way, we help create affordable housing and economic development projects, then provide support long after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It’s my job to share our clients’ successes — whether it’s in a media release, blog article or social media post. Behind the scenes, I support our communications needs and provide information about our services.

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and later earned my master’s degree in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois Springfield. Though my career has taken me across the Midwest, I’ve created a home with my wife in Kansas City. When I’m not working, you might find me taking our high-energy dog on walks, going on weekend trips to visit family or tackling the latest project around our house.

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