Connor Vining

Connor Vining

Architectural Designer I | Travois Design

As an architectural designer, I support the Travois Design team in preparing preliminary design documents, creating 3-D renderings, translating design concepts into technically detailed construction document sets and assisting with project bidding and value engineering.

I joined Travois because its unique focus of working with Indigenous communities aligns closely with my interest in the intersection of people, culture and architecture. The work is very inspiring, especially as we get to learn about the people and the places we are designing for.

I graduated from Kansas State University with a Master of Architecture degree as well as a secondary major in International Studies. My experiences in the Nordics, the Mediterranean and Yucatán, Mexico, helped me develop an extensive international perspective of architecture. Barcelona was one of my favorite places I’ve traveled — I loved the sun, beach, mountains, language and food. In my free time, I enjoy exploring Kansas City, going to the local coffee shop, hitting the gym and spending time outdoors.

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