Nikki Newman

Nikki Newman

Asset Manager | Travois Asset Management & Compliance

It’s my job to help our clients with construction monitoring and preparing funding requests for active construction projects as well as helping them meet financial reporting deadlines. I am a NAHASDA & Tax Credit Compliance Professional (NTCCP) and as an extremely detail-oriented and analytical person, I use my skillset to help our clients stay on track with their budgets and financial reports. At Travois, I see an opportunity to positively contribute to the affordable housing industry and develop closer relationships with Native communities using these programs.

I’m also active in my own community as the treasurer of the Mission Business District in Mission, Kansas. The role has opened my eyes to how communities work within themselves and connect to those around them. And all that goes in to providing services and maintaining the infrastructure — which we all tend to take for granted.

At home, you’ll probably find me hanging out with my husband and our three dogs and taking care of all my houseplants. The perfect day for me includes a good cup coffee to start, hanging out with friends at a local brewery in the afternoon and then grabbing some takeout in the evening.

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