#20YearsEquals: Native artists we love

We’re making our way through our big anniversary year of celebrating 20 years in business and $1 billion of investment in American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.

This month, we are highlighting Native artists (and one Maori artist) we love. Over the years we’ve been gifted or purchased some amazing pieces for our office in Kansas City.

We asked a few staff members to share their favorite work of art with you. As Adam Teefey, architect for Travois Design & Construction Services, says the artwork “fosters a creative environment,” and we’re happy to have the inspiration, and hope it inspires you!

Run through this presentation for a virtual art tour!

Office art prezi image large

Join our celebration! Tell us what the last 20 years has meant to you, your family, your tribe, your community, etc. See who’s joined in already! 

Did we miss your favorite artist? Leave a comment below to add them.