Travois’ AHP success continues

Eight Affordable Housing Program (AHP) applications prepared by Travois, Inc. were awarded funds recently, totaling $3.15 million. This grant money will go toward the construction or rehabilitation of 263 housing units for American Indians on reservations in the states of Arizona, Minnesota, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Seven of the eight projects are Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects, and these extra subsidies will reduce or eliminate the need for tribal funding in each project.

In total, Travois has assisted 19 tribes with 38 successful AHP applications, helping them to receive more than $15.6 million in AHP funds to build or rehabilitate Indian Country housing.

A summary of the recent awards:

Tribal project name AHP award No. of units Sponsoring bank FHLB district
Sokaogon Homes I $200,000 24 Chippewa Valley Bank Chicago
Leech Lake Homes V $350,000 50 Western National Bank Des Moines
Leech Lake Homes VI $350,000 25 Western National Bank Des Moines
Ponemah Rental Project I $420,000 14 Wells Fargo, N.A. Des Moines
White Earth Homes IV $350,000 30 Midwest Bank Des Moines
San Carlos Homes IV $640,000 40 Bank of Arizona San Francisco
Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Homes I $600,000 60 Bank of America California San Francisco
Colville Homes II $240,000 20 Golf Savings Bank and Sterling Savings Bank Seattle
TOTALS $3,150,000 263


“These funds help fill the gaps between the project costs and the investor equity generated through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program,” said David Bland, chairman of Travois. “With AHP, tribal housing authorities stretch their funds so that they can provide even more affordable homes in the future and lessen homelessness, overcrowding and substandard living conditions.”

The Sokaogon Chippewa Housing Department will use its $200,000 award to rehabilitate 24 single family rental homes located on the Sokaogon Chippewa Community Reservation in Crandon, Wis. An additional bedroom and bathroom is being added to each unit, and five units will be made handicap accessible.

The Leech Lake Reservation Housing Authority was awarded funds for two Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects: Leech Lake Homes V and Leech Lake Homes VI. For its fifth project, the housing authority will apply the $350,000 subsidy to help rehabilitate nine duplexes, two fourplexes and 20 single family homes and build four single family homes in Cass Lake and Bena, Minn. Ten units will be reserved to serve homeless households.

Using the $350,000 award for its sixth LIHTC project, the Leech Lake Reservation Housing Authority will build 25 new homes, consisting of two two-bedroom units, 15 three-bedroom units and eight four-bedroom units, within the boundaries of the Leech Lake Reservation. Five units will be set aside for individuals and households experiencing homelessness.

The Red Lake Reservation Housing Authority is developing Ponemah Rental Project I in Ponemah, Minn., and in addition to $420,000 in AHP funds, it is also using Indian Housing Block Grant funds that were awarded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Red Lake will build 14 single family homes; 10 units have two bedrooms and four units have three bedrooms. Seven homes will be set aside to combat homelessness, and three will provide housing for mentally or physically disabled tenants or those recovering from alcohol or drug abuse.

With its $350,000 award from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, the White Earth Reservation Housing Authority will build 30 new homes on scattered sites within the boundaries of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. These homes will be marketed toward single female head of households with minor children, and others homes will be reserved for the elderly, mentally or physically disabled people or homeless households.

The San Carlos Housing Authority will use its $640,000 award to help rehabilitate 25 homes and build 15 new single family houses in Arizona. The 27 three-bedroom units and 13 four-bedroom units will include energy efficient appliances and products. Eight units will be set aside for homeless households, and 10 units will be set aside for tenants with special needs, such as the elderly, mentally or physically disabled individuals or those recovering from physical abuse or substance abuse.

The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Housing Department will receive $600,000 in AHP funds to put towards the construction of 30 duplex homes, which will provide 60 affordable housing units to income-qualified members of the tribe in Socorro, Texas. The project also includes a community service facility that will house a police substation, a housing department satellite office and a community meeting room. A 40,000-square-foot park with playground equipment and picnic and activity areas will also be created.

The Colville Indian Housing Authority was awarded $240,000 to construct 20 two-, three- and four-bedroom lease-to-own single-family homes on the Colville Indian Reservation in the northeast portion of Washington. The majority of the units will be set aside for residents earning at or below 50 percent of area median income. The units will be highly energy efficient and will have landscaped yards with sufficient space for play areas and gardens.

The Affordable Housing Program is a competitive program that provides grants and subsidized loans to support affordable rental housing and homeownership opportunities. Member banks partner with developers or community organizations to finance the purchase, construction or rehabilitation of low-income or moderate-income housing. AHP funds can be used in combination with other programs and funding sources, including the LIHTC program and the Native American Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA). For more information about AHP, visit the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, Chicago, San Francisco or Seattle.

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