Kari Hutchison

Kari Hutchison

Senior compliance specialist | Travois Asset Management & Compliance

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, it would be duct tape. I mean, really? It can fix just about anything, right? That is the mentality you need to succeed in compliance and asset management. The housing challenges we face together are daunting. But somewhere in our toolbox — our experience, our training, our network — we have the tool to overcome them. Our Travois Asset Management & Compliance team knows how to bring the duct tape.

I am a Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) and a NAHASDA & Tax Credit Compliance Professional (NTCCP). I hold the Site Compliance Specialist (SCS) designation and the Housing Compliance Manager for Rural Development programs (HCM-R) designation. But more important than any of this, I share your desire to provide the highest quality housing options for the families who need it most.

We’re a team. We work closely and meet constantly to discuss the challenges you face and the tools we can use to overcome them. Contact Travois today so we can communicate about what is on your mind.

The challenges of providing Indian Country housing can seem overwhelming. But if we put your families first and work together with a spirit of partnership, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. It will just take a little bit of effort (and maybe a little bit of duct tape!).