Kellie Burke

Kellie Burke

Chief financial officer

Every home our clients build has a story. Every two-by-four and every load of concrete has an impact on someone’s life. Every brick has meaning. I smile every time I look at the drywall in my house. Let me share my drywall story with you.

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We dated for about eight years, got engaged and I was ready to set our wedding date.

We agreed we would set a date once the drywall was installed in our soon-to-be home. My husband was the general contractor and busy. I came home from work one day and was thrilled to see the drywall was delivered. The wind went out of my sails when he told me it would take 60 days to hang it all. After a long weekend of worrying about the delay, I went to work Monday morning. To my surprise, when I came home, all the drywall was up! He had hired a crew and it was time to set our date!

I know every windowpane, every floorboard and every piece of furniture matters to the families you serve. They have stories about their homes that make them smile too. As CFO, it’s my job to keep the assets we manage together as strong as possible. I can help you take care of your drywall and the many other precious assets under your care. Contact Travois today.

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    Kellie Burke is our controller, and we asked her to fill out this short questionnaire so our staff, clients and project partners could get to know her better. Kellie is a certified public accountant and works in our finance department.

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