Housing and Economic Development Plan

Winslow, Arizona

“The community loved [the Dilkon Master Plan]! The vote was overwhelming. They had a lot of questions, and we all answered to their satisfaction. I think we got the community hyped up! …The Master Plan was completed during a crucial time. So awesome!” — Margie Barton, chapter manager of the Dilkon Chapter of the Navajo Nation

The Dilkon Chapter of the Navajo Nation is a small community north of Winslow, AZ, in Navajo County. They face many challenges as their housing stock ages, younger members leave as they reach employment age, and many basic services are located outside of the community.

The chapter is in need of new and rehabbed housing as well as new economic opportunities.

Our Travois Design team was tasked with holding public meetings to create a “Vision” as well as goals and objectives for the community. We also worked together to plan the layout of housing, retail, parks, clinic, air-strip, solar farm and cemetery.

A Phased Master Plan was completed, which includes all the community-approved housing, economic, and industrial improvements.

The site will be laid out so that infrastructure can be run efficiently and provide for future phases as needed.


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  • Native Organization: Dilkon Chapter of Navajo Nation
  • Design and Construction Features
  • Date Completed: 2019
  • Development Type:
  • Project Status: Complete