Kristen Wamego named Pillar Professional of the Year

During our 19th Annual Travois Indian Country Affordable Housing & Economic Development Conference in Miami, FL, we honored professionals in five categories at our Superhero Awards ceremony. This was our fifth year honoring industry professionals doing amazing work in their communities, and it’s become one of our favorite activities during our annual conference.

Kristen Wamego, general manager of tribal operations for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (PBPN), was named Pillar Professional of the Year.

I was able to present this year’s Pillar Professional of the Year award to someone I feel so lucky to work with! I am amazed by the incredible work Kristen does and truly appreciate her superhero efforts in building her community.

Kristen accepted the award with a big smile, spoke from her heart, thanked her team and explained that working in housing can be a thankless job at times – to which the crowd agreed. After the event she provided a few words:

“I would like to thank Travois for the recognition,” Kristen said. “While I am appreciative and humbled to receive this award, I do not work alone and must recognize the PBPN team and their hard work on making our third Low Income Housing Tax Credit project a success.”

In the last year, Kristen has completed a LIHTC development that brought 27-single family homes to her community. This complicated process involved everything from reviewing contractor bids to performing punch lists. Her open communication skills with our design and development teams ensured smooth operations through both the closing and construction process.

In addition, she was able to submit a LIHTC application (in under three weeks!) for a rehabilitation development for community elders. These new and rehabilitated homes are the direct result of her remarkable work.

Kristen continued: “Community development is vital to our nation, and providing quality, affordable homes has been instrumental in that process. It has been a rewarding experience, and I am grateful to the hard work and assistance that Travois has provided. I look forward to working with Travois in continuing to develop the PBPN community.”

Everyone involved would agree that Kristen makes the journey such a positive and rewarding experience.

Congratulations, Kristen!

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