Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation: From open field to progress on new homes

Three homes are completely framed, another two are being framed, and 11 foundations have been started for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation’s third Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) development, Southwood Estates Phase #2. The development broke ground in May and is making great progress toward building 27 new single-family homes in Mayetta, KS.

(Pictured above: Eric Otero (PBPN), Charles Nez (PBPN), Robbie Lange (PBPN), Shawn Kelly (PBPN), Kristen Wamego (PBPN), James Allen (Mar Lan Construction), Adam Teefey (Travois Design), Zach Higgins (Travois Design) and Randy Frahm (Mar Lan Construction).)

“This project is an exciting process to see, not only in my professional role, but also as a member of the community,” said Kristen Wamego, general manager of tribal operations for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (PBPN). “I have enjoyed each phase, including the fine details, which are all part of providing more homes for families in our community.

The development team meets regularly in person and over the phone to discuss construction progress, and last week’s on-site meeting included representatives of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, our Travois Design team, Mar Lan Construction, King’s Construction and Bartlett & West.

I visited the site previously before construction started (see photo below). It was a field of long grass then. What a difference!

While at the site, I sat in on a construction progress meeting, and it was impressive to see how the team works together. I saw the importance of clear communication, a willingness to problem-solve, and the efficient coordination that’s required between all team members to ensure that construction proceeds on schedule and on budget.

Mar Lan recently shared this photo, taken from an aerial drone.

After the meeting, the team walked through the development to see progress. Our Travois Design Team members, Architect Adam Teefey and Community Planner Zach Higgins, viewed the work in place and will continue to visit monthly to ensure that construction occurs according to the plans and specifications provided.

I am thankful for the opportunity to visit. It was easy to look to the future and imagine the homes completed and with families living in them. I imagined families enjoying get-togethers in the open kitchen and living rooms, parents doing laundry in the ground-floor mud room, and children playing upstairs in their new bedrooms.

Construction is expected to be complete in September 2018. Our Travois staff looks forward to continuing our work to help the development progress and congratulates the PBPN staff for their hard work and great progress.

Here is an album of more photos from the visit.


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