New homes for families: Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation celebrates!

After cutting a giant red ribbon strung between the columns of a new home, community members of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (PBPN) in Mayetta, KS, celebrated 27 new, affordable homes for families!

Liana Onnen, tribal chairperson for PBPN, and her staff organized the grand opening ceremony for the nation’s third Low Income Housing Tax Credit development, Southwood Estates Phase II.

In addition to the ribbon-cutting, Liana spoke and welcomed the group and explained that the need for larger homes was evident with the high occupancy rates and overcrowding seen in some of the nation’s other housing options.

“I wanted them to have a home where they could live, and everybody has space and everybody has a room,” she said. “And that is why we have four- and five-bedroom units in this particular project.”

Travois Design was the architect for Southwood Estates Phase II and worked with PBPN and the community to create designs for these beautiful homes, which are a mix of three-bedroom, four-bedroom and five-bedroom houses.

“I’m really excited; I know people who are in these homes now, who have been on the list for years trying to get a home,” Liana said. “I mean, I’m talking six, eight years that they’ve wanted a home, and now they have one.”

Liana continued: “These homes are so beautiful. I am so pleased with these homes and the way that they look and the character that it brings to this area. I just can’t say enough how excited I am to see this come to fruition. I think it’s just the beginning of hopefully more that we’re going to be able to do to provide housing options for our people. And I couldn’t be happier to be here on this beautiful day!”

It was a pleasure to work on this development from start to finish and to witness the final product. Thank you, PBPN, for allowing me to work on this development with you!


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