The stories behind Adam’s photos

Adam Teefey

Besides designing beautiful, functional homes for our clients, Architect Adam Teefey of the Travois Design & Construction Services team has another not-so-hidden talent — he’s an awesome photographer!

He is on the road a lot, visiting clients for planning meetings and design charettes or monitoring the construction progress for projects. I love it when he shares his travel photos and wanted to know the stories behind a few of his favorites. He was kind enough to pick out four photos and tell me more about them.

Apple Crate Wall by Adam Teefey

Adam said: “I took this photo along the Columbia River in Washington. I was driving north from Seattle, on the way to the Colville Reservation. I was visiting in September, just before the apple harvest season. These are empty apple crates, all stacked up, waiting to be filled up at harvest. I bet this stack was over 20 feet tall and 200 yards long. I saw thousands of these stacked crates on my drive.”

Abandoned Church photo by Adam Teefey

Adam said: “This church was near the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. It was an old, abandoned church on the side of the highway. The lonesomeness of the snow and the abandoned church gave me an eerie feeling, and I hopped out of the car on a cold day to take the photo. ”

Open road, Mt. Hood photo by Adam Teefey

Adam said: “This is the highway just outside of the Warm Springs Reservation, heading back to the pass that goes by Mount Hood and down to Portland. It was in the summer on a pretty day, and I liked the view of having the road in front of me and seeing Mount Hood in the distance.”

Snowy Road photo by Adam Teefey

Adam said: “This is the same road as the Mount Hood photo. It was my last construction trip to Warm Springs because they had finished construction. It was the week before Christmas; I needed to get there for my last site visit. I wasn’t expecting to come across that much snow. It ended up being an hour-long white-knuckle ride up the pass. There were very few other cars on the two-lane highway, and I just stopped and stuck my hand out the window to get this last shot.”

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