Travois at AMERIND Risk | NAIHC Annual Convention

Greg Bland and Ashley Bland at NAIHC Convention

Travois staff attended the AMERIND Risk | NAIHC Annual Convention and Tradeshow this week. It was a busy and beautiful week in Hawaii! We enjoyed seeing so many friends at our conference booth and are always excited to meet new friends too. So many of you looked great in your Travois sunglasses on the beach!

Our Travois experts led five sessions this year:



  • Spotlight on Hawaii: Housing & Economic Development Inspiration


  • LIHTC 201: Beyond the Basics


  • Compliance Hot Topics: Calculating Difficult Income and Assets
  • Doing More with Less: Leveraging NAHASDA with LIHTCs
  • Building Affordable Homes: Two Examples by Sokaogon Housing

If you attended any of these sessions and have more questions for our speakers, give us a call or email us at! We’d love to help answer specific questions you have about your housing and economic development goals.


Some of our favorites from this week were Gary Davis’ keynote speech (call us to talk about your Master Plan), the fun luau where NTCCP professionals were recognized during the award ceremony (A certification class is coming up soon!), and all of the great meals and laughs we shared with friends.

Congratulations to AMERIND Risk and NAIHC on a wonderful conference. And thank you again for our souvenir!