Below are samples of home designs created by Travois Design. All plans are owned by Travois and cannot be used without written permission.

Brookside House

The units in this group have been designed to maximize solar heat gain with a passive solar design concept. The unique and flexible design allows for a consistent foundation plan that can be flipped or rotated depending on the orientation of the lot so that the house works at a variety of angles while still maintaining economies of scale with similar footprints. All units are designed for full visibility and are adaptable for full accessibility (on the first floor) as needed. All units are two-story and include an attached garage. There are three unit types (three- and four-bedroom models).


Countryside House

These units are designed to bring variation to your neighborhood. With five unit types (two-, three- and four-bedroom models) and a mix of one- and two-story, it is a unique collection of units with a traditional design feel. Open kitchen and living spaces and first floor master bedrooms provide a modern layout. All units are designed to be adaptable for accessibility (first floor only).


Timber House

This group of homes is designed to be energy efficient and use passive solar techniques. The layouts are planned so that any side or elevation can be the “front,” allowing the solar face to always be directed toward the sun. The design concept features locally harvested hand peeled log columns and wood ceilings, and materials can be adjusted based on local availability. This set includes four unit types (two- and three-bedroom models) in a mix of one- and two-story single-family units. The set includes designs for a detached garage.


Adobe House

This design for efficient adobe style homes is perfect for the Southwestern climate. These energy efficient homes are designed to achieve a LEED Gold designation from the U.S. Green Building Council. The units feature an open floor plan for maximum flexibility, a building envelope that exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code requirements for the region, and Energy Star appliances and fixtures. There are three unit types available (two- and three-bedroom), and all include an attached garage.