YNHA Tax Credit 6 is closed!

Yakama Nation Housing Authority (YNHA) just recently closed its sixth and largest tax credit project, YNHA Tax Credit 6, which was the next crucial step toward completing the project!

The project will rehabilitate 88 units and build a new community center (pictured above) that also includes meeting spaces and a community kitchen.  Of the 88 units, 32 units are single-family and the remaining 56 units are duplex units.

The units to be rehabilitated were built 45 years ago during YNHA’s first development project and will receive updates to the finishes, fixtures and building systems to current building standards and to improve energy efficiency. YNHA will also replace all existing electric infrastructure to an entire subdivision as part of the project.

Once construction and renovations are complete, the homes will be rented to tribal households, and some will be specifically set aside to serve large-family households and people with disabilities.

YNHA Tax Credit 6 is the largest tribal LIHTC project ever to close with an equity investor at 88 units and almost $1.5 million in credits.

Travois is grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in completing project milestones — first in the preliminary planning stages, second in completing the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) application and receiving tax credits, and finally in the closing with the investor.

We look forward to seeing this project continue to progress and provide such a huge number of tribal families with high-quality, completely renovated, safe, and affordable homes.

Congratulations to YNHA on this accomplishment!

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